Portal GraphicI’m excited to be offering this service for my clients!

From now on, whenever a company or an individual becomes a client of Numnutz Computers & Software, they get their very own Client Portal Page!  This page is both hidden and password protected.  You receive your own personal page URL which you are forwarded to automatically on login!

Each client’s portal will be personalized and tailored to each individual needs and may contain one or more of the following:

  • An archive of all client agreements, quotes and invoices
  • Helpful documentation on purchases including model name and serial numbers
  • Website and phone numbers to customer service and technical support
  • Links to our shopping cart buttons to conveniently pay your invoices
  • A form to send a maintenance / support request
  • Links to other useful tips, resources, and client discounts with partner businesses

To view a sample customer portal page, go to the following page and enter the sample credentials:


username: nutz
password: nutz